What to Look for in a Great Paddleball Racket

Whether you’re a veteran paddleball player or a newbie at pickleball, you’ve likely thought about how to get the right racket or paddle (it’s more of a paddle than a racket, to be honest) that best fits your abilities and preferences.

Let’s now talk about what to look for in a paddleball racket. Or rather, a paddle or pickleball paddle. There are several things to take into consideration.

What to Look for in a Pickleball Paddle

Here are the key factors to keep in mind when choosing the best paddle or paddleball for you—how much it weighs, its size of grip, its form, how noisy it is, and how affordable it can get.

  • Weight: Think of your playing style (or lack thereof) and find a paddle weight that suits it the best. Are you more of a finesse player or do you play with strong bluntness to get those aces? How heavy of a paddle can you lift and swing around?
  • Grip Size: Check out your hand and grip size and find a paddle with handles that you can comfortably grip throughout the whole game. Pick the grip that’s most ergonomic or comfortable for you.
  • Shape, Build, and Color: Essentially, the size and form of the paddle is important as well as its build depending on your play style or experience. In regards to color, that’s just a matter of aesthetic preference really.
  • Noise Level: Choose a paddle that reduces noise if you’re playing in a noise-sensitive area. Sometimes, the noisier models offer you the better weight and size or shape though. Pick this in accordance to your needs.
  • Budget: Like with anything else you’re buying, it’s a balance between quality and affordability. Which paddle gives you the most bang for your buck or the most value out of your paddleball investment?

Paddle versus Racket

The market is filled with various pickleball paddle or paddleball racket options to choose from. However, make no mistake. You’re looking for a paddle. A racket is something you use for tennis and it’s a wholly different thing. It’s no futuristic gadget either.

Don’t be intimidated by terms like “Polymer Paddle Core”, “Honeycomb”, “Nomex”, or “Liquid Graphite Paddle Face”. More often than not, it’s just marketing jargon. Instead, look for a paddle that fits in your hand and works well during pickleball play.

Final Thoughts

Have a more informed opinion when it comes to choosing a paddle for paddleball or pickleball. In other words, inform yourself using this hopefully helpful article.

This guide exists so that you’re not confused when shopping for a paddle. It clearly provides clear instructions on what to look for and why. Choosing the right pickleball paddle for you depends on your skill and your preferences when paying paddleball when all is said and done.